Formatting Field Text

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Formatting Field Text

You can format individual field text in the Edit view by changing the text's case, or editing other font attributes.  When you modify text formatting for a field in the Edit view, the formatting only applies to the field text for the current record.

If you need to remove rich-text formatting from a field in multiple records in the database, Administrators can use the Bulk Field Format Reset feature.

To Format Text in Edit View

1.In the Browse or Table view, select the record you want to edit.

2.Click the Edit button on the Toolbar to open the Edit view.

3.Select the text you want to edit.

4.If desired, right-click and select one of the formatting options:

Upper - each selected letter will be changed to upper case.

Lower - each selected letter will be changed to lower case.

Capitalize - the first letter of each word in the selected text is changed to upper case.

5.You can also use any of the options available in the Rich Text toolbar at the top to modify the font attributes for the selected text.

6.Navigate to another record to save your changes.

If you want to remove the text formatting that was applied, you can right click in a field and select Reset field formatting to reset the field to plain text.