Exporting Imagebase Data

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Exporting Imagebase Data

1.In Concordance, create the database you want to use with Concordance Native Viewer. For more information see Creating a Database.

2.Import the data into the database.

3.Verify that each record has a unique identifier in the field that you marked as the media (image) key field and the filepath field displays the path to the native document.

4.From the Documents menu, click Export, and then click Concordance Native Viewer.

5.In the Export to Concordance Native Viewer, select the database field where the file path is stored.  Note the output file path.  This is where the .opt file will be exported for importing in Concordance Native Viewer.


Each time you perform an export, a unique OPT filename is generated with the date and time the file is created (<database>_YYYYMMDD_hhmmssfff) .

6.When finished, click the Camera button to view the documents and images in Concordance Native Viewer.