Concordance Native Viewer

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Concordance Native Viewer

For the discovery process, it is common practice to pre-process documents, by converting them to image files for review.  However, it is often more desirable to review certain documents in their native format.  Concordance Native Viewer provides access to both native files and images within one application, thus speeding up the review process.  

Concordance Native Viewer opens a near native view of the document including images, layout and more.  The near native view can be reviewed, redacted, and marked-up for production.

When importing native documents into Concordance for viewing in Concordance Native Viewer, it’s best to create a new database.  The database must contain a valid media (image) key and file path field.  The media (image) key field is used to link the Concordance database with Concordance Native Viewer.  The filepath field stores the path to the native document.