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In Concordance, a word is any string of characters. A word can be a series of numbers or a combination of letters, numbers and even punctuation or symbols. Familiarize yourself with your database dictionary by reviewing or printing the entries.


The maximum length of a dictionary word is 64 characters. When a word exceeds 64 characters, only the first 64 characters of the word are included in the dictionary. Since the full word is not listed in the dictionary, the word may not be found in the database.

You can review dictionary entries from two different dialogs:

From File>Properties - this dialog displays the number of words included in your dictionary and the punctuation that is indexed.


From File>Dictionaries>Database Dictionary (or alternately by selecting Display the database dictionary in the Search Panel of the Navigation pane) - this dialog provides a complete listing of all the words included in the dictionary, the number of documents each word appears in, and how many word hits there are for each word in the dictionary.


You can print your dictionary words to a printer or file from the Dictionary dialog by selecting Print.