Exporting Imagebases to Log Files

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Exporting Imagebases to Log Files

Concordance Image enables you to export the entire imagebase to an image log file. The image .log file is a text file that contains the contents of the imagebase at the time of the export. If you export and imagebase multiple times, you have the option to overwrite the existing log file, create a new .log file, or add the imagebase contents from the latest export to the end of the existing .log file.

Export an Imagebase to an Image Log File

1.In Concordance Image, open the imagebase you want to export.  You can open an imagebase in Concordance Image by clicking the View image (camera) button in Concordance if the database associated with the imagebase is currently open in Concordance, or in Concordance Image, on the File menu click Open image, click OK to close the message, navigate to and open the imagebase's .dir file.

2.On the Tools menu, click Export imagebase to log file.  The Export Imagebase dialog displays.  The Imagebase field defaults to the directory and imagebase name of the current imagebase.

3.To export a different imagebase, click the Browse button to open the Select Imagebase dialog box, locate and open the imagebase .dir file.  The Log file field defaults to the same directory and has the file name for the new image log file.

4.To store the image log file in a different directory, click the Browse button to open the Select log file dialog box, navigate to where you want to store the .log file, type the file name in the File name field, and click Save.  The first time your export an imagebase the drop-down list in the Log file field is unavailable. Once an image .log file has been created, if you export the imagebase again, the drop-down list is available. You have the option of selecting one of the following options:

Overwrite/create new file: Click Overwrite/create new file to overwrite the existing log file or if you modified the log file name in the Log file field and want to create a new log file.

Append to file: Click Append to file to add the exported contents of the imagebase to the end of the existing log file.

5.Click the Export button to create the image .log file.  The log file is created in the directory displayed in the Log file field.

6.Click the Done button to close the Export Imagebase dialog box.