Deleting Imagebases

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Deleting Imagebases

The imagebase may need to be deleted for various reasons. If you need to reimport all of your image information, you will need to delete the existing imagebase first.

If you need to remove unwanted entries from the imagebase, export the imagebase to a log file, remove the unwanted entries from the log file, delete the imagebase's .dir and .vol files, and then reimport the updated log file into Concordance Image.

To Delete an Imagebase

1.Close Concordance and Concordance Image.

2.Locate the imagebase's .dir  and .vol files.

3.Rename or delete the imagebase's .dir and .vol files.  Renaming the .dir and .vol files creates a backup of the imagebase, in case you need to restore the imagebase later.

4.Create a new imagebase for the database:

a.In Concordance, on the Dynamic toolbar click View image (camera).

b.Clicking View image generates the imagebase for the database. Creating an imagebase creates the database's .dir, .vol, and redlines .dcb file.

5.The first time you click View image, Concordance Image launches with an error message displayed - "Couldn't find xxx in the imagebase".  Click OK to close the message.

6.Re-scan and register the images associated with the database. For more information about scanning and registering images, see Scanning Images.