Supported File Types for Turbo Imager

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Supported File Types for Turbo Imager

The following table lists all file types supported by the Turbo Imager batch process.

RightArrowTurbo Imager can provide TIFF/PDF conversion for .htm? files but is unable to be used with LAW E-Print.

File Extension

Type of File


Adobe Acrobat/Reader


Bitmap Image


Enhanced MetaFile


Graphics Interchange Format




Joint Bi-level Image Group 2

.jpeg, .jpg

Joint Photographic Experts Group Format

.jp2, .jpc, .j2k, .j2c

JPEG 2000


ZSoft Picture Exchange Format


Portable Graphics Format


Tagged Image Format


Windows Metafile

.xls?, .xlt?

Microsoft Excel


Apache OpenOffice Calc

.ppt?, .pps?, .pot?

Microsoft PowerPoint

.doc?, .dot?

Microsoft Word


Microsoft Rich Text Format


Text File


Hypertext Markup Language



.msg, .eml?

Microsoft Outlook


Comma Separated Value


Tab Separated Value


log file

.vsx, .vdx, .vtx, .vs?x, .vs?m, .vdw, .vsd, .vss

Microsoft Visio


Visual Studio Technology


binary drawing


Autodesk Drawing Exchange Format


Autdesk Design Web Format


Scalable Vector Graphic