Supported File Types for E-Print and TIFF/PDF Conversion

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Supported File Types for E-Print and TIFF/PDF Conversion

The following table shows all native Source Applications and the File Types they are associated with in LAW. These applications appear in the SourceApp field, and are used when performing E-Print and TIFF/PDF Conversion within the Batch Processing Utility.


Source Application

File Type

Adobe Acrobat/Reader:

Adobe Acrobat Standard 9

Adobe Acrobat Pro 8 or X

Adobe Acrobat Reader 8, 9, 10, or 11


Law PDF. This is an internal application provided for users without access to Adobe Acrobat/Reader.



AutoVue Suite

Supports over 450 file types.

Please view the product website for a list of supported formats.

Corel WordPerfect


eDrawings Viewer

A version of eDrawings Viewer can be used to view or print .DWG files.

Install a version of eDrawings Viewer, depending upon your version of CloudNine™ LAW.

For LAW version 6.3, install just eDrawings Viewer 2013 (32-bit version only).

For LAW version 5.9 – 6.2, install just EDrawings 2011 (32-bit version only). For example, if only EDrawings 2009 is installed along with LAW 5.9 or above, you will be prompted to install EDrawings 2011. It is recommended that you uninstall any versions of EDrawings prior to 2011.

For LAW 5.3.14 – 5.8.17 install just EDrawings 2009.

For LAW versions previous to 5.3.14 install just EDrawings 2008.

*.eprt, *.easm, *.edrw, *.eprtx, *.easmx, *.edrwx (eDrawings Files); *.sldprt, *.sldasm, *.slddrw (SolidWorks Files); *.dwf, *.dxf, *.dwg (DXF/DWG Files); *.3dxml (3DXML Files); *.stl (STL Files); *.prt, *.prt.*, *.xpr, *.asm, *.asm.*, *.xas (Pro/E Files); *.prtdot, *.asmdot, *.drwdot (SolidWorks Template Files)

IrfanView (Introduced in Version 6.17.96)




Supports over 100 filetypes.

For a list of filetypes, click:

Lotus Notes


Microsoft Excel

*.xls, *.xlw, *.wk?

Microsoft Word

*.doc, *.dot, *.htm?, *.rtf, *.txt, *.wpd, Unicode text files

Microsoft Outlook

When tiffing MSGs with oversized images the oversized image is not able to resize to fit the page.  This behavior is by design. LAW uses Outlook to print the documents and this result is the behavior of Outlook.

*.eml, *.idx, *.ics, *.msg, *.pst, *.ost, *.vcs

Microsoft PowerPoint

*.pps, *.ppt

Microsoft Project


Microsoft Visio

*.vs*, *.v?x

Microsoft XPS Document Writer


Quick View Plus


Snapshot Viewer


True Color (32-bit) Bitmap


VoloView Express