Regenerating Load Files

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Regenerating Load Files

The Regenerate Load File(s) option within the Export Utility is only available for Case Files using SQL databases, and allows you to repair or re-create a load file from a previous export.


1.Launch the Export Utility from the Main User Interface by using the Menu to select Tools > Export Utility....

2.With the Export Utility now open and the Formats / Documents tab displayed, do the following:

A.In the Documents section, next to the Regenerate Load File(s) option, click on the Select... button to open the Select Existing Export window.

B.Select the desired export (load files) from the list, and then click OK to load all related settings into the Export Utility.

C.While these load files are being regenerated, only the following settings within the Export Utility can be changed:

i.The Formats section of the Formats / Documents tab.

ii.The Selected Fields list within the Fields tab.

iii.The Output Path within the Options tab.

3.If changes are desired, then configure the load file Formats, Selected Fields list, and Output Path at this time. Remember that only the load files themselves are being exported.

4.When you're ready, click Next in the bottom-right corner of the Export Utility until the Finish button becomes available, and then click Finish to proceed.

5.The Export Utility will close, and a series of prompts may appear, depending on the various settings that were established. Proceed through them as desired.

6.After the prompts, the Export Status window will appear, indicating the progress for the load file export, including any errors if they are encountered.

7.Once the export has completed, the Export Status window will update with results from the export. You are now finished regenerating these load files.