LAW Management Console

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LAW Management Console

The LAW Management Console manages distributed processes (jobs) between multiple LAW workstations. It can be used accomplish the following tasks:

Start/Stop distributed processes

Add/Remove workstations from distributed processes, including unresponsive ones

Change the priority of distributed processes in the queue

Monitor the overall progress of a distributed process

Detect when workstations have become unresponsive

View license keys that are available or currently in use


In order for the LAW Management Console to operate correctly, the following requirements must be met:

Each workstation participating in a distributed process must have LAW with the LMC installed (LAW versions 5.3.14+).

The SQL Server used to create the active Case File (for which a distributed process is being run) must be accessible by all participating workstations.

Though not explicitly required, it is highly recommended to use the same version of LAW on all participating workstations.


Opening/Closing the LAW Management Console

To open the LAW Management Console, locate and run LAWConsole.exe from your LAW install directory, usually found in C:\Program Files (x86)\LAW50\Console\.

Once opened, the LMC will continue to run in the background, even if the window itself is closed. To re-open or fully close the LMC, use the LAW Management Client icon in your system tray.