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Contact Information & Training Videos

To contact Sales or Customer Support, or for Training on CloudNine applications, please visit our CloudNine Answer Center.

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Training Videos can be found here

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 Subjects that are covered are below. If you find that you would like a video that currently isn't covered, please let us know.

       Demo Training

       Creating a New Case

       ED Loader Overview

       How to QC an Import with the ED Loader

       How to Cancel & Resume an Import in ED Loader

       Import Overview

       How to Create a License Profile

       LAW Management Console

       How to Import a LAW Case

       Migrating a Case List to SQL

       Batch Processing Overview

       Document Numbering


       Apply Endorsements

       Saving TIFF Conversion Profiles

       How to Create Searchable PDFs

       How to Customize the Grid View

       How to Save Grid Data to a File

       How to Create Custom Fields

       How to Import a Tag List

       Searching Overview

       How to Perform a Batch Update

       How to Save an Index Profile

       How to Identify Duplicates

       Export Utility Overview

       Advanced Export Options

       How to Save and Use an Export Profile

       Creating an Outlook PST File

       How to Modify Tiff Timeout Settings

       Using IrfanView as a Source Application