Configuring Outlook for ED Loader

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Configuring Outlook for ED Loader

EDLoaderWarningIf you're seeing this warning message in ED Loader, then you may not have Outlook properly configured.

Left-clicking on this message will open a dialog window with a list of current issues. You will know you have an Outlook-related issue If you see the following message:

 [Outlook installation detected but no configured accounts were detected]

You can remedy this issue by creating a dummy account for Outlook, which LAW can then use for Electronic Discovery:

Here are two ways to create the dummy account

A Knowledge Based Article on this subject can be found here: How do I create a Dummy Profile (

A Knowledge Based Article on this subject can be found here: Why am I seeing "MAPI_E_UNCONFIGURED" when attempting to import items into ED Loader? (


InfoIcon Creating a Dummy Outlook Account with Run Command


NOTICE This site will help walk your through how to use Outlook without an email account: Use Outlook without an email account - Outlook (


1.To set up Outlook 2016 or Outlook for Microsoft 365 as a personal information manager without an email account, use the following steps.

2.Note: These steps will only work for Outlook 2016 or Outlook with a Microsoft 365 subscription.

1.Close Outlook.

2.Click the Windows key and then type Run.

3.In the Run window, type Outlook.exe /PIM <your profile name> and then click OK. This will create a new profile in Outlook without an email account. You can then use Outlook to store your contacts, tasks, and calendar information.

DummyOutlookAccountSettingsInfoIcon Creating a Dummy Outlook Account with Outlook

NOTICE:  These instructions were written using Outlook 2010. These steps should still apply to newer versions of Outlook, but things may look or be worded differently.

1.Ensure you have Outlook properly installed, and close all instances of LAW currently running on your computer.

2.Open Outlook from the Menu by selecting File > +Add Account. The Add New Account window opens.

3.On the Auto Account Setup page, select Manually configure server settings or additional server types, and then click on Next.

4.On the Choose Service page, select Internet E-mail, and then click on Next again.

5.You should now be at the Internet E-mail Settings page (shown). Fill out the fields on the left with the following information:

a.In the E-mail Address field, type in "" (without quotations).

b.Leave the Password field blank.

c.Type an underscore into the rest of the fields.

6.Un-check the Remember password and Test Account Settings by clicking the Next button options, and then click on Next.

7.On the Congratulations page, click Finish to create your new dummy account.

8.You can now safely close out of Outlook, and re-open LAW to continue using ED Loader.