User Roles for Reviews

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User Roles for Reviews

You can access specific features and functionality on the REVIEW page based on your assigned role in CloudNine™ Explore Web.

The following list describes the user roles in CloudNine™ Explore Web:

Read-only - Read-only users are typically users who need access to general information in CloudNine™ Explore Web, but will not be managing or completing reviews in CloudNine™ Explore Web. These are most often high-level employees in your organization who want a high-level overview. As such, they have access to only the following features in the core platform.

oCases page - only those cases assigned to the user are displayed.


oSEARCH page



Standard - Standard users are typically the ground-level document reviewers. They have the background and knowledge to complete batch set reviews, but do not yet have the experience necessary to set up and manage reviews. Standard users have access to the following in the core platform:

oCases page - only those cases assigned to the user are displayed.


oView native and text from the document details pane and document viewer (The near native viewer must set up by the administrator before you can access it. If it is not set up, only text view is available.)

oREVIEW page

oViewing unassigned batch sets

oAssign batch sets to themselves

oUnassign themselves from batch sets

oReview and tag batch sets in a review


Administrator - Administrators have full access to the core platform, including the Administration page in CloudNine™ Explore Web. For more details on administrator tasks see Administering CloudNine Explore Web.  Administrators can:

oCreate and maintain users

oMaintain Active Directory settings

oMaintain Extensions settings - imaging services, predictive coding, and back-end service settings (as applicable for your installation)

oAssign cases to users

oAccess the REVIEW page - administrators have full access to features and functionality with one exception. They cannot be assigned to reviews or batch sets. This means that they can see and access all cases, reviews, batch sets, and users, but cannot be assigned as an official document reviewer for reviews or batch sets.

oCreate, edit, and delete reviews

oAdd and remove additional tags for reviews in progress

oCreate batch sets

oAssign reviews and batch sets to others

oUnassign reviews and batch sets to others

oSee unassigned batch sets

oReview and tag batch sets

Administrator Workflow