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The Case Dashboard provides a summary of case metrics and other information for the case currently opened in CloudNine™ Explore Web.  Case information is available for the review team on the DASHBOARD tab for a case.


The dashboard is organized into 4 main sections: Document timeline, Tags, Filters, and Searches, which are described in more detail in the following sections.  For all dashboard data displays, any Family Count or Family Size values are calculated based on parent size plus attachment size, not including containers.

Dashboard area

Information available

Document timeline

Total number of documents

Total size of all documents

Number of custodians

Link to a list of custodians, and the number of sources and documents for each

Number of containers

Total size of containers

Size and state of readiness of the case index

Number and total size of all documents without date information

Graph displaying Family count or Family size for Email and EDoc content by date


Total number of tagged documents, expressed as Documents hit

Number of tags in the case

Total size of tagged documents

A list of tags in the case and the number of documents or size of documents associated with each tag


Count or size of filtered documents

List of filters with links to display on the FILTERS page


The number of documents included in a search

The number of searches run

List of searches with a link to display on the SEARCH page