Import Settings

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Import Settings

InfoIcon File System to ESI Analyst:  Import Settings - Stage 3

11.On this screen, you'll determine the Import Settings to use for the selected UFDR file. Start by entering the Mobile Number of the device from which the UFDR was retrieved.


12.Decide which items from the UFDR will be imported, using the following categories under the Import Settings area:

oImport Type - Check the box next to each Item Type that should be imported.

oDeduplication - Select the radio button to determine how imported items are compared for duplication. Choosing None will disable this process. Any items identified as duplicates are omitted from import.

oProcessing Options - With the Date Filter Import option enabled, you can enter a Start Date (left box) and End Date (right box) to specify a date range. Items falling outside the specified date range will be omitted from import.

oDo Not Import - With the File attachments larger than [_] MBs option enabled, you can omit any file attachments larger than the specified size (in megabytes) from import.

oSelect which missing options define empty communications - Check the box next to each item area that should be used to identify empty items. Any items found with empty communications within the selected areas will be omitted from import.


13.Determine the Control Number Settings, which are used to uniquely identify each item imported from the UFDR. The following options are available:

oPrefix - An alphanumerical string of characters (20 max) to use at the beginning of each item.

oLength - The character length (numerical) of each Item Number, with a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 24 characters.

oStart No - Sets the starting Item Number.

oSeparator - Determines what character (non-alphanumeric) will be used to separate the Prefix, Item Type, and Item Number.

oInclude Item Type in Control Number - The Item Type (MMS, SMS, etc) of each item will be included in its identifier.


The Example Control No box on the right will show you the resulting Control Number scheme you can expect.


14.Once you're satisfied with these Import Settings, click Next at the bottom-right to proceed to the Upload stage.