Global Monitoring Console

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Global Monitoring Console

Once an upload is initiated, it will appear within the Global Monitoring Console. From here, you can review Completed uploads, and check on the status of In Progress uploads.

The two buttons at the top-left allow you to change view modes for the Global Monitoring Console. Both views provide the same general information.


For each upload shown in the Global Monitoring Console, you can use the GlobalMonitoringConsoleEllipses buttons to open a menu with additional options:

Cancel - Only available for uploads that are In Progress. This allows you to abort the upload.

Archive - Flags the upload as archived, removing it from the console. The log file is not deleted.

Show Log - Opens the log file from the upload, providing further information.


Upload log files can be found in: C:/ProgramData/CloudNine/DiscoveryPortal/Logs


You can use the Home button at the bottom-left to return to the Discovery Portal Home screen and initiate a new upload. From the Home screen, use the Global Monitoring Console button at the bottom-left to return here.

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