Create New ESI Analyst Project

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Create New ESI Analyst Project

Discovery Portal can create new ESI Analyst projects during the Select ESI Analyst Container stage. These projects are temporary, and will be created once the upload has commenced.


InfoIcon Creating New ESI Analyst Projects

1.While on the Select ESI Analyst Container stage, do the following:

a)Use the Client drop-down at the top-left to select the desired client (or click theCreateClientProjectbutton and select Create Client to create a new client).

b)Click theCreateClientProjectbutton and select Create Project (enabled once a Client is selected).


2.On this screen, you'll provide a Project Name and a Code for your new ESI Analyst Project. This can be achieved by doing the following:

a)(Required) Type the desired project name directly into the Project Name box.

b)(Required) Type the desired project code directly into the Code box.

c)(Optional) Enter a Description of this project into the box provided.


3.When you're satisfied with the details of this new project, click OK at the bottom-right to create it.

4.Your new ESI Analyt Project will appear listed under the Project list on the Select ESI Analyst Container stage.


New ESI Analyst Projects listed in this manner are temporary, and will only be created at the Upload stage once Start Upload has been clicked.


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