Add Data

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Add Data

InfoIcon File System to Review:  Add Data - Stage 2

8.On this screen, you'll select the data set to upload to Review. This stage varies depending on the data type selected at Stage 0:

a)For Native/Raw Data, proceed to Step 9.

b)For Production/Processed Data, skip to Step 12.


9.Adding Native/Raw Data: Do either of the following:

a)Drag and/or drop any number of files/folders from a Windows File into the area marked Drag files & folders here to add files.


b)Click the Browse... drop-down, choose either Add files... or Add folder..., navigate to and select the desired files/folders from the File Explorer that opens, and then click Open or Select Folder at the bottom-right to add them.


10.Once files/folders have been added, a File list will appear displaying a list of selected files on the right. Repeat Step 9 to continue adding any remaining files/folders.


11.Removing Native/Raw Data:  You can remove unwanted files by hovering your mouse over them under the File list and clicking on the trashcan icon that appears.


12.Adding Production/Processed Data - Do one of the following:

a)Type the folder path for your desired data set directly into the Processed Data Path box provided.

b)Click the Browse... button on the right, navigate to and select the folder containing your desired data set from the File Explorer that appears, and then click Select Folder at the bottom-right.


13.Once you're satisfied with the selected data set, click Next at the bottom-right to proceed to the Filtering stage.