System Requirements

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System Requirements

Before installing Data Wrangler, please ensure you have a 64-bit operating system (OS) with the following hardware specifications:

Minimum Specs

1.7 GHz Single-Core Processor

2 GB of RAM

7200 RPM Hard-drive (HDD)

300 MB* available disk space

Recommended Specs

3.0 GHz Quad-Core Processor

16 GB of RAM

10,000 RPM Hard-drive (HDD), or a Solid-State Hard-drive (SSD)

100 GB* available disk space


Data Wrangler installation takes up 300 MB of space, but you will need enough extra free space depending on the size of the source data being processed. 100 GB is recommended, but you may require more for larger sets of source data.

Data Wrangler’s inventory process takes minutes for most data sets.  In benchmark testing using the recommended system specifications, 1 TB of data containing a mix of PSTs and loose data was inventoried in under 30 minutes.  

The timeline for filtering and creating a copy of the filtered data varies depending on how much data is being filtered, how detailed the filtering is, and the infrastructure of the system that Wrangler is operating on.  Please see the recommended specifications above for the best experience.  To increase throughput at the filtering and export stages, one option to consider is breaking the data up over several Wrangler instances so that filtered data can be copied by multiple machines at once.

Compatibility for Automated Processing

CloudNine Data Wrangler 1.0

Data Wrangler 1.0 supports automation for LAW 7.4 and Explore 7.4 (for both new and existing cases).

Please note that Data Wrangler will truncate any custodian (PST source name) over 48 characters by adding an underscore and 1 or 2 numerals, if duplicate custodians exist.

CloudNine Data Wrangler 2.0

Data Wrangler 2.0 supports automation for LAW 7.5 and Explore 7.5.

CloudNine Data Wrangler 3.0

Data Wrangler 2.0 supports automation for LAW 7.6 and Explore 7.6.