Setting the snapshot path

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Setting the snapshot path

The Snapshot path setting is the directory location where you want .snp files to be stored on the Concordance Desktop server. We recommend this setting always be on the database server’s C:\ drive.

With the Snapshot path setting enabled for users, each time a user exits the application, a snapshot of the session is automatically taken. Snapshot files allow users to restart a session from where they left off.

Users can also save snapshots of their session at any time. A shortcut file is saved on their local computer and the snapshot file is saved on the Concordance Desktop server, as specified in the Snapshot path setting. Snapshots can only be restored in the original database.

For more information about snapshots in Concordance Desktop, see Saving and restoring snapshots  in the Using Concordance Desktop module.

Ensure that the snapshot path is no longer than 256 characters. This includes whatever name is given to a snapshot, so make sure you account for snapshot file names.

To Set Up the Snapshot Path

1.Click the Settings tab.

2.In the Server Settings section, click the snapshot directory in the Snapshot path row.

3.Click the ellipsis (...) button to open the Select a folder that will contain the Snapshot files dialog box.

4.Navigate to and select the folder where you want to store the snapshot .snp files, and then click OK.

i.This location should be on the Concordance Desktop server's C:\ drive.

ii.Clicking OK adds the directory path to the Snapshot path row.

5.Click Apply to save your settings.

6.Check the snapshot directory occasionally to delete old and unused snapshot files.

You can also schedule a job on the Jobs tab to automatically delete old snapshots. For more information about scheduling jobs, see Adding and managing jobs.