Selecting a matter for new database registration

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Selecting a matter for new database registration

In Concordance Desktop, matters are used for organizing client cases and serve as the focal point for associating users with registered databases. In order for users to access a database on the Concordance Desktop server, both the database and the users (via a user group), must be associated with a matter.

With Concordance Desktop, we have also created an automated association that allows all users to have access to all databases on a Concordance Desktop server, for those firms in which all users need access to all databases. This automated association method is the default in Concordance Desktop, since most firms using the product prefer to allow all their users access to all of the databases.

You can change the  default matter for new database registration in the admin console to prevent newly registered matters from being automatically accessible by all users.

To Choose a Different Default Matter for New Database Registration

1.Click the Settings tab.

2.In the Database Administration Settings section, click the Selected Matter for new database registration row.

3.Click the arrow to open the list of available matters.

Matters must be created prior to selecting them from the list. For more information about creating matters, see Creating Matters.

4.Select the desired matter.

5.Click Apply to save your settings.