Running quick searches

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Running quick searches

Quick Search is similar to using the Internet browser to locate information. Use Quick Search to find information quickly in the Browse or Table views without having to open the Search panel. You can use it for fast, simple searches or to copy and paste in complex search strings. Toggle the All button to switch between viewing all case records or those in your current query.

When using punctuation characters in your search term, at least one letter needs to be inserted between the punctuation characters. For example, joe& Using two or more punctuation characters together (joe& will not work.

To Run a Quick Search

1.In the Search field, type the search value or string.

You can enter up to 255 characters to build your query.

2.Click the Go button or press Enter to initiate the query.

i.All records containing the search value you entered are displayed in Table view, and the first record is displayed in the Browse view.

ii.Notice that search value is highlighted in red in the Browse view. A search value highlighted in red is called a hit in Concordance Desktop.

3.To navigate to each hit in a document, click the Next Hit button.

4.The Search field stores your recent quick searches. You can select, edit, and rerun any search stored in the Search field list. To access a recent quick search, click the Search field down arrow, and select the query. To rerun the search, click the Go button or press Enter.