Performing silent installs

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Performing silent installs

When you need to install and activate Concordance Desktop on numerous machines, you can save time by running silent installations of Concordance Desktop on each machine.

Silent installations use a setup.iss InstallShield® Silent response file to run an installation. Silent installations install applications without prompting you for input during the installation.

To install Concordance Desktop using a silent installation, you will first need to create a setup.iss file. This setup.iss file only needs to be created once. When you are creating the setup.iss file, you will be running a normal Concordance Desktop installation on a machine and will be recording each step and setting of the installation process for the setup.iss file. After the setup.iss file is created, this file can be used any time you want to run a silent Concordance Desktop installation on a machine.  

To Create a Setup.iss File for Installing Concordance Desktop

1.Click Start, and then click Run.

2.Type cmd in the Open field and click OK to open the cmd.exe command prompt.

3.Do one of the following:

a.Type the path to the Concordance Desktop_Install.exe file followed by -r and press Enter.

i.For example: w:\concordance desktop_install.exe -r

b.Run the Concordance Desktop_Install.exe directly on the workstation and complete all of the installation and activation steps.

i.When the installation is complete, the setup.iss file is created in the \WINDOWS subdirectory.

ii.The setup.iss file contains a record of the actions you performed for each installation dialog box.

iii.Best practice is to store the setup.iss, and the Concordance Desktop installation together in a network folder that you can access from each machine on which you will be running a silent install.

4.Create a network folder and add the following files to the folder:


Concordance Desktop_Install.exe

To Install Concordance Desktop Using a Setup.iss File

1.Click Start, and then click Run.

2.Type cmd in the Open field and click OK to open the cmd.exe command prompt.

3.Type [path to the Concordance Desktop_Install.exe file] -s -f1[path to the setup.iss files] and press Enter to silently install Concordance Desktop.

For example: w:\concordance desktop_install.exe -s -f1w:\setup.iss

The -s parameter tells InstallShield that you are running a silent operation, and the -f1 parameter indicates where the setup.iss file is located. Note that there is a space between the -s and -f1 parameters, but there is no space between -f1 and the path to the setup.iss file.

Silent installation programs do not display error or status messages, such as Setup is now complete, during the installation. By default, silent installation status and error information is recorded in the setup.log file. The setup.log file is automatically created in the same directory where the setup.iss file is located.

If the setup completes, the setup.log file should contain the following information:

[InstallShield Silent]


File=Log File




Name=Concordance Desktop



Result codes indicate whether an installation was successful or there were errors during the installation. The 0 in the ResultCode field indicates the installation was successful.

For more information about the setup.log file, including a list of result codes and their definitions, see the “Checking for Errors Using the Setup.log File” Help topic in following Web site:

Click the Search button in the Flexera Software Web site and search for setup.log to view the Help topic and other relevant Help topics.