Isolating issues

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Isolating issues

Reference this section to review troubleshooting information and common issues that you can resolve, perhaps avoiding a call to Concordance Desktop Technical Support or isolating the issue so a support analyst can better assist you.

If you find yourself challenged with Concordance Desktop working properly, we've provided you with a checklist to help you isolate where a problem resides: computer, network, or application.

Once you've run through this checklist, you'll most likely discover where the issue lies and can determine the course of action needed to resolve an issue. If you find you still have difficulties after reviewing items on this checklist, you may want to enlist a Concordance Desktop Technical Support analyst for research feedback.

Isolating Issues Checklist:

1.Is your problem happening to one person or all users?

 If it’s one person, there’s potentially something wrong with the computer itself, such as the user’s network privileges or another setting. Please check to ensure that the user is granted full privileges.

2.Is the problem only with this computer?

 If so, you may need to rebuild the system profile.

 Test whether the user can log into a Concordance Desktop database from another computer. If so, the problem is most likely the computer and not the application.

3.Is the issue occurring only in one database or all databases?

 Determining this helps isolate whether it’s a database or system issue.

 Depending on the setup, try moving a database to a location other than its current placement.

 Desktop to server or server to desktop.