Installing language packs

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Installing language packs

To display characters in Unicode within Concordance Desktop, the appropriate language packs need to be installed on the computer. Please go to the Microsoft web site to find out how to install language packs for your version of the Windows operating system.

The Microsoft Windows Windows 7 operating system uses Language Interface Packs (LIPs). These can be downloaded from the Windows Update Web site or the installation media. Once you have installed at least one LIP, you can add or remove more LIPs from the Control Panel.

To install language packs on a Windows 7 operating system:

1.In the Control Panel, click Change keyboards or other input methods.

2.Click the Keyboards and Languages tab.

3.Under Display Language, click Install/uninstall languages and follow the prompts.


For more information about installing LIPs, go to the Windows Help and How-to Web page at: