Finding the database indexing time

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Finding the database indexing time

Knowing the indexing time for databases can help you plan your indexing schedules. Once you have built your databases, you can find out how long it takes to index each database by checking the Concordance Server.log file. The Concordance Server.log file is stored in the Working Path directory usually found at C:\ProgramData\LexisNexis\Concordance Desktop\Working Path.

To Find a Database's Indexing Time

1.Navigate to the Concordance Desktop Server Working Path folder containing the Concordance Server.log file.

i.The default directory is C:\ProgramData\LexisNexis\Concordance Desktop\Working Path.

2.Right-click the Concordance Server.log file, click Open With, and then Notepad or another text editor program to open the .log file.

3.Locate the database name and indexing time.

i.The indexing time is listed after the database name. The .log file also displays the amount of cache used during processing, the number of database records, and the user who performed the index.

ii.The example of the .log file shows indexing in seconds, but realistically, your database is probably going to index in hours, not seconds.