Data recovery and retrieval

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Data recovery and retrieval

Protecting your organization’s data in the event of a natural or man-made disaster is essential to ensuring that data retrieval occurs in a timely fashion with limited impacts for conducting business. We recommend that you have data recovery protocols in place at an offsite location. Many vendors have data hosted and archival environments with a variety of services to choose from.

Things to consider for data recovery and retrieval:

Manual backups that are scheduled on a regular basis that store data in a secure, offsite location in a controlled environment

Incremental secure backups or data mirroring/clustering

Backup rotation storage of files and databases

Environments that include comprehensive, around-the-clock network/server monitoring of network traffic with industry-leading technologies for intrusion and protection detection

Environments that implement 24-hour surveillance requiring with an infrastructure that imposes keycard, fingerprint, and/or retina scan access

Environments that operate on full redundancy, in addition to stand-alone power generation, and can support heavy transactional processing

Vault storage specifically designed for long-term data storage with additional services for online viewing access