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Stopwords are common words in the English language (and, the, but, etc.).  Stopwords are not words that are usually search for by reviewers.  Eliminating stopwords from the index ensures that searches run much faster and efficiently. Stopwords are stored in the Concordance_<version>.stp file.  Concordance automatically creates a list of 141 stopwords in the stopwords file.

You may receive requests from reviewers to add a specific word that is common to the case review documentation and needs to be avoided during searches. Administrators can modify the Stopwords list for your review team when necessary.

The Stopword list is only used during the indexing process. Adding or deleting words from the Stopword list does not affect the existing database dictionary until the database is indexed.


Editing the Stopword list requires a full index of the database for the changes to take effect.

Updating the Stopwords List

1.On the File menu, select Dictionaries, and then click Stopword list.  The Stopwords dialog displays.


2.To add a word to the Stopword list, type the word you want to add in the field below the stopword list, and click Add.  Wildcards can be used with stopwords to eliminate large groups of words. For example, adding 9* to the stopwords list eliminates every word or number beginning with the character 9 from the database dictionary.

3.To search for a stopword, type all or part of the word in the field below the Stopword list.  As you type, the list scrolls to the word closest to the word you are typing.

4.To delete a word from the stopword list, select the word in the list, and click Delete.

5.To print the Stopword list, click Print.

6.Click OK to save your changes.

7.Index the database to make sure your stopword edits are effective.


For searching purposes, it is recommended that only Latin based characters are used in the Stopword list.