Splitting and Joining Records

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Splitting and Joining Records

It may be necessary to split or join records that were not unitized properly at scan time. For example, you might have a record containing one document that should have actually been represented as two records. Conversely, you might have a document split over two records that should have been one document contained in one record.

Correcting document boundaries in Concordance is a manual process requiring several steps. It is important to proceed carefully to ensure that all of the data is corrected appropriately, so there is no data loss. It is recommended that you back up the database and imagebase prior to splitting or joining documents.


We recommend working with single-page TIFF files to simplify adjusting document breaks.  If your images are multi-page TIFF files, they will need to be reprocessed in order to have the proper document breaks.

Split Documents in Concordance

1.In the Browse or Table view, open the record that you want to split into multiple records.

2.Click the Edit button on the Toolbar to open the record in Edit View.

3.On the Edit menu, click Ditto (Edit View).  The Duplicate dialog displays.


4.Select the fields containing the data you want to duplicate into the split document.  You can select multiple fields by pressing the SHIFT or CTRL key while selecting the fields.

5.Select Append new and click OK.

6.A new record is created containing the fields you selected and that record is opened in Edit View while the Browse or Table view continues to display the original document.

7.Make the necessary edits to the new record.  For example, the BEGNO, PAGES, and OCR fields or their equivalents may need to be modified to reflect the document split.

8.Click Edit to save the changes to the new record.

9.Navigate to the original document, and click Edit to open the original document in Edit View.

10.Make the necessary edits to the data in the original record to reflect the document split.

11.Click Edit to save the changes to the original record.