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Quick Search

Quick Search appears immediately below the Concordance Menus and Toolbars.  You can use Quick Search to find information quickly in the Browse or Table views without having to open the Search Panel in the Navigation Pane.  You can toggle between viewing all case records or those in your current search by selecting the All button on the Toolbar.

To Run a Quick Search

1.In the Quick Search field, type your search string.  You can enter up to 255 characters.

2.Click the Go (green arrow) button on the right or press Enter to run the search.

3.Depending on which views you have displayed, records containing the search you entered are displayed in Table View, and the first record is displayed in the Browse View.  Each occurrence (hit) of your search is highlighted in red in the Browse View.

4.To navigate to the next occurrence of your search string, click the Next Hit button in the toolbar on the lower left.  The Status Bar at the bottom updates to show you what search result document you are currently viewing.  For example, Document 2 [3] of 4 indicates you are viewing the second search result of four total results, and this document is the third document in the database.

5.The Quick Search field stores your recent quick searches.  To access a previous Quick Search, click the drop down arrow on the right, and select the query. To rerun the search, click the Go button or press Enter.