Managing Tags

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Managing Tags

Typically a Concordance Administrator or Litigation Support Manager works with a lead attorney to build a set of tags for case review that include standard naming conventions that adhere to internal guidelines for a case review. These tags are often organized into folder structures that indicate phases of review, case topics, or are designated by reviewer. Once tagging conventions are determined, the administrator will likely set up these tags and folders after the database is built so the review team can be begin searching and tagging immediately.

Both reviewers and administrators are able to create and apply tags to documents, but administrators have the ability to do this in multiple ways so they can track and manage tagging activity for the database.


If you are working with a team of administrators, we recommend that only one or two people be in charge of tag management, especially when making new ones and deleting unnecessary tags. This prevents duplication of efforts and helps tag trees remain uncluttered for all reviewers working in the database.

Managing tags includes the following activities:

Creating and applying tags to documents and queries

Removing, renaming, and deleting tags and folders

Importing and Exporting tags

Querying tags and folders

Tracking tag activity in the Tags task pane and .TRK file

Backing up the tag file

Here are a few important things to remember about Tags:

Tags and tag folders do not support Unicode characters.  Only ASCII (values 032-126) characters are allowed. If a tag name or tag folder name contain an invalid character, you are prompted to rename the tag or tag folder.

For a tag folder to exist in Concordance, it must have at least one tag created in it. If you move all the tags out of a folder, the folder will be deleted.

There is no known maximum limit on the number of tags you can create and apply in Concordance.

To create a folder for administrative tags, prefix the name so that it displays at the end of the tag/folder tree and does not distract reviewers (ex. zAdmin).

When creating tags and folders, the combined folder and tag string cannot exceed 199 characters.