Annotating Documents

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Annotating Documents

Concordance Viewer provides a variety of tools that you can use to annotate documents or images during review.  Applying markups includes redacting information and adding notes. You can also apply color markings to highlight or underline text and add a circle or box to emphasize a block or region of key content.  All of these elements can easily be edited, moved, or resized.

There is no limit to the number of markups you can add to a document.  As a best practice, use some restraint and stick to the internal review guidelines for your organization, ensuring all annotation marks are sensibly applied and records are kept clean for other reviewers.

Markups for the current document are displayed in the Information Pane on the right side in the Concordance Viewer.  The markup history includes markup type, author, date, and time.  Markup history is also saved in the .CIB file.