Accessing Locked Databases

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Accessing Locked Databases

If your organization finds itself unable to access a database, you have two options available:

1.Export the Database - When exporting a Concordance database, security is not included in the export. If you have a user who has access to the Export menu, the user can export the database, create a new security administrator ID and password, and then apply security for all users. When exporting a database, the user is only able to export the fields that the user has access to under the existing security settings. You can also import the backup copy of the original database's security settings into the exported database.  For more information see Exporting Data.

2.Contact Concordance Technical Support - Concordance Technical Support analysts can reset your security console and restore all user IDs and passwords. This is not quickly done, and has the following requirements:

You must first supply a technical support analyst with a notarized affidavit from the owner of the database verifying your security files. This is most often from your corporate entity and requires a legal document on corporate letterhead with the appropriate stakeholders signature.

A fee will be assessed before a technical support representative has permission to overwrite your security.

If you do not know this information ahead of time, there will be a delay in getting approval for the support override. Please ensure that you always have a current backup copy of your security profiles and settings, and that a supervisor or secondary administrator has access to this information in case of an emergency.